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Web Design

At eZweblogic we endeavour to bring you the best in both technology and functionality. In web design beauty is no longer skin deep, thus we don't just look at how a web page look only but also go deeper to enhance the way it works and it interacts on the internel level so when the time comes for an upgrade or a new better technology emerges you don't have to start from scratch or halt your services because your website can not cope.

Not all websites are created equal and also not all web designers. When you talk to us you'll discover that we really know the market and provide solutions that solves real life problems such as entegration with your work flow. We always look from your point of view not ours. We halp you make better decision when it comes to web site design.

Web Hosting

A wide range of hosting services from small personal space to fully dedicated server or cluster of servers with storage and mega network connections so you can go faster than others. Your hosting provider should give you the right solution for your online needs and this is what we excel at, here at eZweblogic. Superior web hosting solution for your business.

eZweblogic offers full support on all hosting plans. We will modify, install, and upgrade our servers to meet your web applications needs. If it will help you get more out of your website, then we'll do it. We'll even install scripts for you if the need be. We know our servers better so why limit your potential or leave you guessing?

Web Services

We offer complete online services to all websites owners to maintain their websites and keep them in a working order. It's not a secret but websites do breakdown from time to time. Maintaining a website can be a burden especially for a busy or a small business. eZweblogic can help you keeping up to date while adding little improvents as we go.

If you can't hire a webmaster to manage your website or server then this solution will help you get all the services of an in house webmaster. this includes •updating scripts •maintaining the functionality of a website •backup and restoration •virus scanning •security checks •moving to new servers •updating website's contents, and many other tweeks and fixes.

Web Project Management

Managing an online project rquires a specialized knowledge and the right tools to achieve great results. eZweblogic can help you get the most out of the allocated resources and form a link between your business and the main developer. It is more like hiring an expert from your side to take care of your online project and make sure all your goals are met.

We understand how web developers think and work and can communicate with them well. This will give you the freedom to take care of your daily choars while we take care of the online project to completion. Before delivery we will test to see that it meets your requirements and that all scripts are rubust and safe to use with no viruses or malware left behind.

Online Marketing

Online marketing while it follows in the foot steps of offline marketing it remains a different beast. One good idea that sounds good two months ago is not as effective now. everyday the sun shines its golden rays on the planet, an online marketer comes up with a new better idea, new way of doing things, and new tools to win the minds and hearts of web users. We can help you get the best ROI out of your marketing budget. Keeping up to date is an advantage but understanding the online market is where we excel.

Marketing solutions ranging from an effective Google ad campaign all the way to a full iPad or smart phone Applications. A good marketing strategy comes from understanding your business model and based on that we emplement the best solution. It's a lot more than just creating a page on facebook and calling it a day.